Magic House Story and Concept Art

Emma has always lived on the street in this magic-steampunk based world. She gets caught stealing a power crystal from the Industry Institution, a school that teaches young people in tough situations skills they can use to find employment when they become adults. Instead of being taken in by the I.I., which is just a front of forced child labor, she gets the chance to live with a local witch in her magic shop called Roots and Runes. Emma, being more technologically inclined than magic inclined, starts to build inventions. She starts with an arm, and then moves to household objects and a delivery vehicle for the Roots and Runes. Just as Emma is adjusting to her new life, she learns some of her old street kid friends have been taken in by I.I. and she needs to save them. While sneaking around I.I., she accidentally frees an imprisoned creature, the result of a science experiment. She must face the monster, save her friends, and show the world the fraud Industry Institution is, all while making her Roots and Runes deliveries on time.