The Library of Seasons Story and Concept Art


The nature library controls the seasons, and spring cannot come until all the books are back on the shelves, but one book is missing. A girl picks it up and helps the book return itself to the library, but the misguided library guardians are hunting the book down, and her along with it. 

  • Act 1

    • Scene 1: Go outside: A girl who loves to garden is waiting for spring to come. It has been the longest winter in a century. Her parents tell her to go outside instead of sulking around the house.

    • Scene 2: Finds the book: Inciting Incident: A flower appears in the snow in a bubble, and the girl chases it through the woods, but trips on a book. The book tells her it lead her to it with the flower projection, and asks her for her help. The book explains it must be returned to the Library of Seasons. Spring cannot come until all the books are back on the shelves, and he is the last one, but was lost and buried in the snow. The girl wants spring to come so she can garden, and agrees to help the book back to the library.

  • Act 2

    • Scene 1: Start of the quest: She follows the map in the book. The woods gets darker, more dangerous, and more wintery as they go. Suddenly, large flying creatures appear and chase her. They run, and hide in a cave!

    • Scene 2: The Cave, Rising Action: In the cave is an angry bear. He is done hibernating and wants to eat, but spring will not come. The girl tries to explain about the book and why she must pass, but the bear is blinded by his hunger. While the girl tries to talk to the bear, the book projects honey bees leading to the back of the cave. The bear follows them, and the girl and the book sneak past.

    • Scene 3: The Cliff, Rising Action 2: The girl and the book come to a cliff and try to climb it. She falls, taking some snow with her. She looks up and sees roots under the snow. She knows which ones are strong enough to hold her because of her plant knowledge. She scales up the cliff and is attacked again by the flying creatures. She uses the roots to swing out of the way, and snow falls on the creatures, sending them to the ground. They girl and the book make it over the cliff just in time.

    • Scene 4: The Door, Rising Action 3: The girl and the book arrive at a locked library door with a small window. They cannot get it and hear the creatures coming. They hide. The creatures arrive and look through the window, seeing her inside. They open the door with their key, and rush in, dispersing into the library to look for the girl. The real little girl and the book peer around the corner from the door, smiling. It worked. The book projected her image into the room, tricking the creatures to open the door. They’re in!

  • Act 3

    • Scene 1: Locate the Shelf: The girl and the book run into the library. It is dark and dim, cold, and wintery. The book has a library map and they go to its shelf.

    • Scene 2: The Fight, Climax: The girl runs through the shelves and the creatures appear. They run into her, knocking the book away. They retrieve the book, and fly away with it. The girl is devastated, until she hears a whisper. The book is still under the shelf asking her if the coast is clear. The book used projection to make a fake book for them to take.

    • Scene 3: The Return: The girl is going to return the book, but is sad. She is going to miss the book. The book tells her books are about stories, and it and the girl have a great story that she will always have with her. She nods and places the book back in the shelf.

    • Scene 4: Spring: Magic sweeps across the library. Spring is in full bloom. Flowers are everywhere, butterflies, etc. She is happy, but hears something approach behind her. It is The Librarian. The girl is nervous, but The Librarian thanks her. The Librarian explains she instructed the creatures to retrieve the book at all costs and return it to her… but they were to dense to understand the girl had the same goal. To thank the little girl for her service, the library guardian presents her with her own key, a library card, and the little girl can visit her friend the book anytime she wants.

  • The End